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Artisan Landscapes
Projects, timings, processes

Garden design consultancy is the first step towards outdoor transformation for gardens, courtyards and terraces.

We work with families who see their home’s exterior as a stunning complement to their interior, and are looking for the horticultural and landscaping expertise to bring their spaces to life.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to get in touch, the Artisan Landscapes team is happy to help.


For a one hour consultation with our design team our fee is £150

Ideally, we require a minimum of 1 hour to get the most out of the meeting.

We will equip our clients with the right information to embark on a garden project. Understanding key areas like budget, feasibility, access and design ideas.

Consultations can usually be arranged within 1 – 2 weeks of booking.

Garden design

Our fees tend to start at £2000 and are calculated on the hours required to produce the proposed documents e.g concept designs, planting plans, construction drawings etc.  On average, the design fees work out to be around 10% of the build cost.

On average, the design process takes 3-6 weeks. There are elements which will have an effect on timing such as decision making, availability for consultations and planning permission.

Our design team are undertaking new projects in around 2 weeks time.

Our design team undertake projects across the UK.

The size of the scheme doesn’t affect our decision to undertake a project. How we can benefit the garden, the investment available and the feasibility all play a role. Take a look at our projects for the variety of sizes we’ve worked on.

Landscape & build

There’s no easy answer for the this one! The variables that affect landscaping costs can be quite vast. Things like access, retaining work, boundaries and the existing landscape all play a role. We advise a ball park budget of £250-£300 per m2. Providing a designer with a realistic budget before the process starts is essential to a successful project.

The size, brief, technical elements, access and existing garden will define the build period required. On average, a small to medium sized city garden will take anywhere from 3 – 6 weeks.

Our landscaping team tends be scheduling work for around 3-6 months. This varies depending on the time of year and current project commitments.

APL landscape members have to undergo what is considered to be one of the toughest inspection processes in the industry. Every aspect of their business and business practice is looked at by independent consultants with years of horticultural experience.

The member has to prove that they are insured, adheres to all health and safety legislation, is environmentally responsible and financially viable. The APL checks that the members are competent in the work they are promoting and that any subcontracted labour used are insured and equally competent to the tasks required.

The APL member has the benefit of being part of The Horticultural Trades Association, Trustmark and one of the largest landscaping communities in the UK. This ensures they are always up to date on new products, procedures and legislation.

The members have to adhere to The APL code of conduct which includes a comprehensive complaints resolution procedure ensuring that as a client, you will always have full support.

APL landscapers are amongst the best in the country and as an association, we are extremely proud of the way they operate and the fantastic projects they create.


Our maintenance plans our designed specifically to your gardens requirements, the size and style of planting. The cost is tailored to reflect this. Please get in touch to arrange a consultation.

We are taking on new clients all the time. Commencing a new maintenance plan can be within a couple of weeks of the initial consultation.

Our team is headed up by Jamie, our director of design and horticulture. Jamie studied horticulture at one of the UK’s most prestigious gardens – Kew Botanics. As well as Kew, Jamie worked at Cambridge and Edinburgh botanics.