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Keeping your Garden Green


6 top tips for a healthy and hydrated summer garden…

These unusually hot and dry summers, although appreciated by most, can leave your garden withered and dehydrated. Here are some gardening top tips to combat the drought, perk up your perennials, and keep your garden green.

Be sure to water your garden early in the morning or in the evening. Watering during the hottest hours of the day will mean the water evaporates quickly and doesn’t allow for the nice long soak that your plants so desperately need.

It is good practice to mix water-absorbing organic materials into your soil, such as peat moss, coconut coir or even compost. This will allow for moisture to be absorbed and retained for longer, while improving the general health of your soil.

Your garden will benefit more from long, deep soaks than it will frequent showers. Ideally, water needs to penetrate the soil about 8 inches deep to ensure that it reaches the roots. Make sure that you are watering your plants at the base, and allowing time for each to absorb enough water.

Laying down a good layer of mulch on your soil will help keep it moist and cool, while keeping your plants and trees hydrated for longer.

As long as there are weeds in your garden, your plants will be competing with them for water. During hot periods it is even more important to keep on top of the weeding!

Finally, you can avoid watering cans and hoses altogether by installing an automated irrigation system in your garden. You can see examples of these here.

Below is a beautiful example of a thriving summer garden, pictured by Will at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show earlier this month (blog post to come!). This inspirational garden was designed by Tom Simpson, constructed by Rosebank Landscaping and sponsored by South West Water.

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