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The Great British Water Feature


Water features are a much loved aesthetic of British garden design, however there are many benefits to having one in your garden that you might not have thought of.  At Artisan, we think that incorporating a water feature in to your garden plans is a brilliant idea! The inclusion of a pond or rill is sure to attract a whole host of wildlife, from hedgehogs and squirrels to dragonflies and frogs! Or, if you wanted to start with a slightly more modest installation – a bird bath is the perfect way to attract a flock of beautiful British birds.

So…more wildlife in the garden? Is that it? No! Studies have also shown that the sound of water can help improve general health by lowering blood pressure and relieving stress; a much needed therapy for the chaotic city lifestyle. The sound of water also helps to distract from external noise pollution. If you’re looking for inspiration, see above for a picture of a granite sphere water feature that the team installed as part of a project in Stoke Bishop earlier this year. The picture below also shows the beautiful rill that was built as part of our Formality in Clifton project last year.

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